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The site also has sections of Amoxil medicine recipes, Healing diets used for various diseases.

This guide provides specific recommendations on the methods of necessary research (laboratory, X-ray, endoscopic, etc.), drug treatment schemes for diseases at different stages of their development.

  • Most of our illnesses are from improper lifestyle, nutrition and inattention to the first alarming signals of our own body
  • However, none of us is indifferent to our own health and appearance
  • Faced with this or that medical problem, we, of course
  • first of all turn to a specialist
  • but we also need to learn more about our diseases ourselves in order to overcome them more easily
  • This site provides a wealth of information about existing diseases and how to treat them
  • The Medical Directory of Diseases is intended for doctors and patientsh
Amoxicillin describes the etiology (causes), pathogenesis, clinical symptoms, diagnosis, differential diagnosis of acute and chronic diseases of organs and systems. The medical handbook includes a detailed description of the diseases of the following sections

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we offer a comprehensive examination of men's health.

Qualified specialists are in touch around the clock.

An advantageous offer for those who recommend our clinic to relatives, friends and relatives who have not previously been served in the clinic. For more than 25 years we have been doing what we love - helping people to be happy and healthy! The letter K in our logo means - Competence (competere), which translated from Latin means “to match, to suit your activity”.

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We are constantly developing our Competencies, studying and implementing the most modern achievements of medical science and technology in our practice in order to help our patients restore health and maintain a high quality of life.

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Doctors conduct online consultations at any time, without a lunch break. No prior registration is required. If you have a question for your doctor, just start your consultation: the doctor will answer in a few minutes. You and your child are at the dacha Something is bothering you at work There was a question on the way You are abroad.

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You give your doctor only the information you deem necessary. You can get advice under a pseudonym. No need to take time off from work, explain something to relatives and personally come to the clinic. No one will know who you consulted and what you were told.

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Chat with your doctor when it’s uncomfortable to talk: at work or when traveling. The doctor may ask you to take a photo of your concern. Play the video so the doctor can look at you. For video calls, a 3G connection is sufficient.

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After each consultation, the doctor sends you a report: what he saw, what he advises to do before an in-person appointment with a doctor, what medications can help in these situations. What in such cases it is usually worth doing What tests and studies are usually carried out Who to contact personally to get a diagnosis and prescription.

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This format is suitable if you need to get a quick answer to a small question. Therapists, pediatricians and gynecologists consult. Cost - from 149 ₽. If there is not enough time, you can switch to the regular consultation mode.

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consultations of qualified doctors - for themselves, children and parents, doctors are in touch around the clock safely, confidentially and anonymously in the chat and on the video report after each consultation.

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Only in recent years has a satisfactory definition of the concept of medicine been given: “Medicine is a system of scientific knowledge and practical measures, united by the purpose of recognizing, treating and preventing diseases, preserving and strengthening the health and working capacity of people, and prolonging life 1. In this phrase, for the sake of accuracy, it seems to us that the word “society” should be added after the word “measures”, since in essence medicine is one of the forms of activity of society in the fight against diseases.

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It can be repeated that medical experience, medical science and practice (or art) have a social origin; they cover not only biological knowledge, but also social problems. In human existence, it is easy to see that biological laws give way to social ones.

Definition of the term "medicine"

Discussion of this question is not empty scholasticism. It can be argued that medicine as a whole is not only a science, but also practice (and the most ancient), which existed long before the development of sciences, medicine as a theory is not only a biological, but also a social science; the goals of medicine are practical. B.D. Petrov (1954), arguing that medical practice and medical science, resulting from critical critical generalization, are inextricably linked.

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G.V. Plekhanov emphasized that the influence of society on man, his character and habits are infinitely stronger than the direct influence of nature. The fact that medicine and human morbidity are social in nature, it would seem, is beyond doubt. So, N.N. Sirotinin (1957) indicates a close connection of human diseases with social conditions; A.I. Strukov (1971) writes that human disease is a very complex socio-biological phenomenon; and A.I. Germanov (1974) considers it a "socio-biological category."